Thursday, February 12, 2004

Islam as a remedy

On a Monday morning, a pharmacist’s name Ibrahim opens his pharmacy as usual. After checking the stocks and giving brief reminders to his assistant, the pharmacy is officially open to the public. Besides owning a pharmacy, he is also an owner of a well established pharmacological company producing medicines of all kinds. The company was inherited from his ancestors and they have been manufacturing medicines for so many years. The products of this company are used widely all over the world. People are confident with this particular brand because it has no side effects, taste good and usually effective in treating disease of any sort.

Ibrahim is particularly proud of his products, however currently more and more new pharmacological company has emerged and new products have entered the market. As any other pharmacy, Ibrahim had to sell those new products since there maybe customers who are in favour of that new medication. Nevertheless, Ibrahim will promote his product as a top priority.

At around half past ten, one of his loyal customers came in like he usually does. “Good morning, may I help you?” greeted Ibrahim.
“ I heard about this new supplement that can help you boost your health, self esteem and ensure a better future, do you happen to sell it here?” came the reply.
Ibrahim was quite taken aback, “Haven’t you been using the supplement from my company for the past few years, and I’m sure it has done you many goods.” “
Well, yes it is undeniably good, but the effects are slow and it is kind of outdated, I just thought that I might try this new product, see if it can bring any changes.”
“I’m not trying to stop you from buying the product, but I’m sure you have heard of the death of a man who consumed this particular supplement.”
“The company cleared that case because the death was said not to be caused by the supplement but of another reason. Anyway, people are talking everywhere that your product is outdated and also I have a few friends who have become very successful by taking this supplement. The supplement your company made was released centuries ago, are you sure it is still suitable for today’s lifestyle?”
“Well, I can’t deny that it is quite old, but it is still useful even for today’s lifestyle because we frequently do quality check on our products.”
“Yeah, quality check is good, but I don’t think its very persuasive, maybe you should try follow what the new companies are doing, try come out with something like theirs, maybe more people will look into your product. Anyway I’m already late for a meeting, can you just give me the supplement.”
“It is rather expensive though, are you sure you want the new supplement?”
“Of course I’m sure; I’m more then willing to invest more for a better future.”

After the customer left, Ibrahim sat down with a sight. Deep inside his heart, he felt sorry for the guy because although the new supplement is more effective, the side effects could become fatal.

From the story above, we Muslims are like Ibrahim, a Muslim who carries with us the image of Islam, follows the system of Islam and holds the responsibility to convey Islam. The company Ibrahim owns is the Islamic system or way of life that is left by our prophet Muhammad (pbuh). It is our duty to carry out the system and bring people into it. However in today’s world, new system has been formulated to suit the humans need because to certain people, the Islamic way is not good enough for the modern lifestyle. Islam is claimed to be outdated and no longer suitable.

In reality, the problem is not Islam itself but the Muslims. We claim to be an Islam, to follow the teaching of Islam but we never have the courage to stand up for Islam and convey to other people the goodness Islam could bring. The Muslims themselves are always trap in the so called modernization. Muslims have became more and more less confident with the fact that the Islamic way can ensure them a great future. Just because following the Islamic way requires patients, determination and faith, most Muslims find it too difficult. They are more willing to take the easy, simple and enjoyable way of life, which in reality only gives temporary happiness. At the end of the day, they will find themselves still confused with the true purpose of this life and the saddest part of it, they have nothing to take with them to present before the Almighty.

As Muslims we have to plant in our hearts that Islam is the true way of life and the only path for a great future be it in this life or the hereafter. The day will come when we will be asked on what we have done in our life and there is no way we can pass that if we choose other than Islam. Islam is surely an old system but it is also the most modern one because it will always be suitable no matter what century we are in.



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