Thursday, February 12, 2004

Islam as a remedy

On a Monday morning, a pharmacist’s name Ibrahim opens his pharmacy as usual. After checking the stocks and giving brief reminders to his assistant, the pharmacy is officially open to the public. Besides owning a pharmacy, he is also an owner of a well established pharmacological company producing medicines of all kinds. The company was inherited from his ancestors and they have been manufacturing medicines for so many years. The products of this company are used widely all over the world. People are confident with this particular brand because it has no side effects, taste good and usually effective in treating disease of any sort.

Ibrahim is particularly proud of his products, however currently more and more new pharmacological company has emerged and new products have entered the market. As any other pharmacy, Ibrahim had to sell those new products since there maybe customers who are in favour of that new medication. Nevertheless, Ibrahim will promote his product as a top priority.

At around half past ten, one of his loyal customers came in like he usually does. “Good morning, may I help you?” greeted Ibrahim.
“ I heard about this new supplement that can help you boost your health, self esteem and ensure a better future, do you happen to sell it here?” came the reply.
Ibrahim was quite taken aback, “Haven’t you been using the supplement from my company for the past few years, and I’m sure it has done you many goods.” “
Well, yes it is undeniably good, but the effects are slow and it is kind of outdated, I just thought that I might try this new product, see if it can bring any changes.”
“I’m not trying to stop you from buying the product, but I’m sure you have heard of the death of a man who consumed this particular supplement.”
“The company cleared that case because the death was said not to be caused by the supplement but of another reason. Anyway, people are talking everywhere that your product is outdated and also I have a few friends who have become very successful by taking this supplement. The supplement your company made was released centuries ago, are you sure it is still suitable for today’s lifestyle?”
“Well, I can’t deny that it is quite old, but it is still useful even for today’s lifestyle because we frequently do quality check on our products.”
“Yeah, quality check is good, but I don’t think its very persuasive, maybe you should try follow what the new companies are doing, try come out with something like theirs, maybe more people will look into your product. Anyway I’m already late for a meeting, can you just give me the supplement.”
“It is rather expensive though, are you sure you want the new supplement?”
“Of course I’m sure; I’m more then willing to invest more for a better future.”

After the customer left, Ibrahim sat down with a sight. Deep inside his heart, he felt sorry for the guy because although the new supplement is more effective, the side effects could become fatal.

From the story above, we Muslims are like Ibrahim, a Muslim who carries with us the image of Islam, follows the system of Islam and holds the responsibility to convey Islam. The company Ibrahim owns is the Islamic system or way of life that is left by our prophet Muhammad (pbuh). It is our duty to carry out the system and bring people into it. However in today’s world, new system has been formulated to suit the humans need because to certain people, the Islamic way is not good enough for the modern lifestyle. Islam is claimed to be outdated and no longer suitable.

In reality, the problem is not Islam itself but the Muslims. We claim to be an Islam, to follow the teaching of Islam but we never have the courage to stand up for Islam and convey to other people the goodness Islam could bring. The Muslims themselves are always trap in the so called modernization. Muslims have became more and more less confident with the fact that the Islamic way can ensure them a great future. Just because following the Islamic way requires patients, determination and faith, most Muslims find it too difficult. They are more willing to take the easy, simple and enjoyable way of life, which in reality only gives temporary happiness. At the end of the day, they will find themselves still confused with the true purpose of this life and the saddest part of it, they have nothing to take with them to present before the Almighty.

As Muslims we have to plant in our hearts that Islam is the true way of life and the only path for a great future be it in this life or the hereafter. The day will come when we will be asked on what we have done in our life and there is no way we can pass that if we choose other than Islam. Islam is surely an old system but it is also the most modern one because it will always be suitable no matter what century we are in.


Tuesday, February 10, 2004

perihal umat islam

Sumber dari ABIM... untuk ikhtibar bersama
>Assalammualaikum wbt.
>Dengan nama ALLAH swt yg Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang
>In the name of ALLAH the most BENEFICIENT the most MERCIFUL
>Assalamu'alaikum untuk renungan bersama ....
>Berita yang disampaikan oleh seorang sahabat. Pad a hari minggu lepas
>satu ceramah di sebuah sekolah agama rendah Subang Jaya yang
>ialah salah
>sorang imam masjid negeri Selangor..
>Beliau beritahu yang soal murtad ni bukan soal kecil lagi...borang
>permohonan keluar agama Islam
>yang sedang menunggu di proses tingginya sampai 2
>Toksah pakai berapa ribu lagi...pakai sukat guna kaki dah cukup kita
>Beliau beritahu lagi ada satu hari tu..seorang ibu menangis
>memberitahu yang anak perempuannya nak kawin...beliau kata "baguihlaa
>dia nak
>kawin".....tapi yang ibu ni kata anaknya nak kawin dengan orang bukan
>Islam...terkejut beliau dan kemudian
>dengan si ibu tu mereka pergi ke upacara perkahwinan tu di Subang
>Jaya..beliau tengok pasangan
>anak ini lelaki cina berugama kristian dan pader i yang menikahkan
>mereka itu
>seorang Melayu....masyaAllah!!!.
>Si ibu tu nak bawak juga kes ini ke mahkamah walaupun diberitahu
>undang2 di
>Malaysia yang kita cintai ini,
>tidak boleh mengambil sebarang tindakan kerana anaknya sudah 26
>tahun...tuan2 pikirkan apa perasaan ibu itu.
>cerita ini tak habis kat situ saja.. kemudian imam tersebut telah
>berjumpa dengan paderi Melayu itu..
>kebetulan orang Sabak Bernam..beliau tanya dah berapa lama dia jadi
>ni..paderi tu kata dia dah
>lebih kurang 17 tahun jadi paderi..imam ni tanya lagi..dah berapa
>orang Melayu yang di pujuk
> masuk kristian...dia kata lebih kurang 3000...ditanya kenapa orang
>saja yang dipujuk...dia kata sebab
>setiap sorang orang Melayu yang dapat di tarik masuk kristian harganya
>RM3000.00..kalu bangsa lain kira ratus
>ringgit saja...paderi tu beritahu lagi di mana Johor adalah tempat
>satu tumpuan mereka berdakyah
>selain Pulau Pinang dan Petaling Jaya...dan dia beritahu lagi yang ada
>sorang anak Melayu dari Johor
>sekarang ni berada di Rome..membuat lanjutan pengajian bidang
>kristian...jika dia berjaya..dia akan di iktiraf
>sebagai pope..dan akan kembali ke Malaysia yang kita cintai ini
>ketua paderi yang pertama
>dari golongan anak Melayu.?? !!!
>Mengapa Johor jadi sasaran no 1??????????
>Berhati2 anak2 johor dan juga yang lain2 tu.....

sketsa bijaksana

Allah does exist!!!

A man went to a barber shop to have his hair and his
beard cut as always.
He started to have a good conversation with the

barber who attended him.
They talked about so many things and various

subjects. Suddenly, they
touched the subject of ALLAH. The barber said :

"Look man, I don't believe
that ALLAH exists as you say so." "Why do you say that?" Asked the client. Well, it's

so easy, you just have
to go out in the street to realize that ALLAH does

not exist. Oh, tell me,
if ALLAH existed, would there be so many sick

people? Would there be
abandoned children? If ALLAH existed, there would be

no suffering nor
pain. I can't think of a ALLAH who permits all of

these things."
The client stopped for a moment thinking but he

didn't want to respond so
as to prevent an argument. The barber finished his

job and the client went
out of the shop. Just after he left the barber shop he saw a man in

the street with a long
hair and beard (it seems that it had been a long

time since he had his cut
and he looked so untidy). Then the client again

entered the barber shop
and he said to the barber : " know what? Barbers do

not exist."
"How come they don't exist?"-asked the barber. "Well

I am here and I am a
barber." "No!" - the client exclaimed. "They don't exist

because if they did there
would be no people with long hair and beard like

that man who walks in the
street." "Ah, barbers do exist, what happens is that people

do not come to me."
"Exactly!"- affirmed the client. "That's the point.

ALLAH does exist, what
happens is people don't go to Him and do not look

for Him that's why
there's so much pain and suffering in the world." If you like it, send it to other people. If you

think ALLAH does not
exist, don't do it.

tanda2..menghampiri ajal

Tanda 100 hari sebelum hari mati.
>Ini adalah tanda pertama dari Allah SWT kepada hambanya dan hanya akan
>disedari oleh mereka yang dikehendakinya. Walaubagaimanapun semua orang
>Islam akan mendapat tanda ini cuma samada mereka sedar atau tidak sahaja.
>Tanda ini akan berlaku lazimnya selepas waktu Asar. Seluruh tubuh iaitu
>dari hujung rambut sehingga ke hujung kaki akan mengalami getaran atau
>seakan-akan mengigil. Contohnya seperti daging lembu yang baru saja
>disembelih dimana jika diperhatikan dengan teliti kita akan mendapati
>daging tersebut seakan-akan bergetar. Tanda ini rasanya lazat dan bagi
>mereka yang sedar dan berdetik di hati bahawa mungkin ini adalah tanda mati
>maka getaran ini akan berhenti dan hilang setelah kita sedar akan kehadiran
>tanda ini. Bagi mereka yang tidak diberi kesedaran atau mereka yang hanyut
>dengan kenikmatan tanpa memikirkan soal kematian , tanda ini akan lenyap
>begitu sahaja tanpa sebarang munafaat. Bagi yang sedar dengan kehadiran
>tanda ini maka ini adalah peluang terbaik untuk memunafaatkan masa yang ada
>untuk mempersiapkan diri dengan amalan dan urusan yang akan dibawa atau
>ditinggalkan sesudah mati.
>Tanda 40 hari sebelum hari mati
>Tanda ini juga akan berlaku sesudah waktu Asar. Bahagian pusat kita akan
>berdenyut-denyut. Pada ketika ini daun yang tertulis nama kita akan gugur
>dari pokok yang letaknya di atas Arash Allah SWT. Maka malaikat maut akan
>mengambil daun tersebut dan mula membuat persediaannya ke atas kita,
>antaranya ialah ia akan mula mengikuti kita sepanjang masa. Akan terjadi
>malaikat maut ini akan memperlihatkan wajahnya sekilas lalu dan jika ini
>terjadi, mereka yang terpilih ini akan merasakan seakan-akan bingung
>seketika. Adapun malaikat maut ini wujudnya cuma seorang tetapi kuasanya
>untuk mencabut nyawa adalah bersamaan dengan jumlah nyawa yang akan
>Tanda 7 hari
>Adapun tanda ini akan diberikan hanya kepada mereka yang diuji dengan
>musibah kesakitan di mana orang sakit yang tidak makan secara tiba-tiba
>ianya berselera untuk makan.
>Tanda 3 hari
>Pada ketika ini akan terasa denyutan di bahagian tengah dahi kita iaitu
>diantara dahi kanan dan kiri. Jika tanda ini dapat dikesan maka berpuasalah
>kita selepas itu supaya perut kita tidak mengandungi banyak najis dan ini
>akan memudahkan urusan orang yang akan memandikan kita nanti. Ketika ini
>juga mata hitam kita tidak akan bersinar lagi dan bagi orang yang sakit
>hidungnya akan perlahan-lahan jatuh dan ini dapat dikesan jika kita
>melihatnya dari bahagian sisi. Telinganya akan layu dimana bahagian
>hujungnya akan beransur-ansur masuk ke dalam. Telapak kakinya yang
>terlunjur akan perlahan-lahan jatuh ke depan dan sukar ditegakkan.
>Tanda 1 hari
>Akan berlaku sesudah waktu Asar di mana kita akan merasakan satu denyutan
>di sebelah belakang iaitu di kawasan ubun-ubun di mana ini menandakan kita
>tidak akan sempat untuk menemui waktu Asar keesokan harinya.
>Tanda akhir
>Akan berlaku keadaan di mana kita akan merasakan satu keadaan sejuk di
>bahagian pusat dan ianya akan turun ke pinggang dan seterusnya akan naik ke
>bahagian halkum. Ketika ini hendaklah kita terus mengucap kalimah syahadah
>dan berdiam diri dan menantikan kedatangan malaikatmaut untuk menjemput
>kita kembali kepada Allah SWT yang telah menghidupkan kita dan sekarang
>akan mematikan pula.


sketsa bijaksana

Adalah seorang hamba Allah ni, dia pergilah bersiar-siar di tepi

Sedang dia menghirup udara rimba yg segar tu, tetiba dia terdengar
satu bunyi... jeng!jeng!jeng!... bunyi....aauuummmmm!!!!! Bunyi
harimau yg kelaparan dan hanya menunggu mangsanya saja. Jadi, si
hamba Allah ni pun lari untuk menyelamatkan diri. Harimau tu kejar
hamba Allah ni. Sebab dia dah lapar sangat ni.

Harimau tu pun kejar, kejar, kejar dan kejar. Hamba Allah ni punyalah
takut, berlari lintang pukang. Sempat juga dia berdoa agar dia
diselamatkan daripada dibaham dek harimau tadi.

Dengan kuasa Allah diperlihatkan sebuah perigi di depan mata nya.
Jadi untuk menyelamatkan diri si hamba Allah ni pun terjunlah ke
dalam perigi.

Perigi tu ada tali dan sebuah timba. Si hamba Allah ni bergayut pada
tali tu. Tali tu pendek jer. Jadi dia bergantungan di tengah-tengah

Di mulut perigi, harimau yg lapar tu menunggunya. Si hamba Allah ni
pun berfikirlah macam mana nak menyelamatkan diri, sambil berdoa
kepada Allah agar dia diselamatkan. Tengah dok berfikir camner nak
selamat, tetiba dengar bunyi kocakan air di bawah perigi.

Aaaaa!!!!... Ya Allah..... lagilah seram dibuatnya. Nak tahu ada apa
kat bawah tu? Ada 2 ekor buaya yg kelaparan. Apalah nasib. Dah jatuh
ditimpa tangga. lagilah takut si hamba Allah ni. Atas ada harimau
bawah ada buaya. Semakin risau dan takut.

Tengah berfikir untuk mencari jalan keluar, tetiba keluar seekor
tikus putih dari lubang celah-celah perigi, naik ke atas ikut tali yg
hamba Allah tu bergayut. Sampai kat atas tikus tu gigit tali tu

Cis, kurang ajar punya tikus. Alahhhh.... cam ner ni. Pas tu, keluar
lagi seekor tikus yg berwarna hitam. Naik mengikut tali tadi, cit!cit!
cit!cit! sampai kat atas.Tikus hitam ni pun gigit juga tali tu.

Cis, lagi satu. Macam mana aku nak buat ni.... habislah jadi mangsa
buaya .

Berfikir lagi. Kalau naik kat atas makan dek harimau. Kalau tunggu
tali putus dan jatuh ke bawah makan dek buaya. Macam mana nih...

Sedang hamba Allah tu berfikir cam ner nak selamatkan dirinya,
tetiba.... terdengar satu bunyi.... uuuuuuuuuuuuu... bunyi lebah bawa
madu. Si hamba Allah ni pun mendongak ke langit, melihat lebah yg
sedang bawa madu.

Tetiba setitik madu terjatuh dan terus masuk ke dalam mulut si hamba
Allah ni tadi. Punyalah nikmat sehingga tidak terkata. Hamba Allah tu
kata, "Fuh manisnya madu ni , tak pernah ku rasa manisnya ni.
Sedapnya. Subhanallah sungguh sedap ni."

Kerana setitik madu si hamba Allah tu lupa pada harimau yg sedang
menantinya di mulut perigi dan buaya yg menantinya di bawah.

Kalau semua nak tahu , si Hamba Allah itu adalah kita semua. Harimau
yg mengejar tu adalah maut kita, ajal memang sentiasa mengejar kita,
so beringat-ingatlah. 2 ekor buaya itu adalah malaikat Munkar Dan
Nakir yg menanti kita di alam kubur nanti. Tali yg tempat si hamba
bergayut tadi adalah jangka hayat kita kalau pendek talinya maka
panjanglah umur kita dan kalau panjang talinya maka pendeklah umur

Tikus Putih dan Hitam tu adalah dunia kita siang dan juga malam yang
sentiasa menghakis umur kita.Kan tikus tu gigit tali tu. Madu...,
madu yg jatuh setitik ke dalam mulut hamba itu tadi adalah nikmat
dunia. Bayangkan setitik saja madu tu jatuh ke dalam mulutnya,dia
lupa pada harimau dan buaya tu. Macam kitalah bila dapat nikmat sikit
lupa pada Allah. Waktu susah baru la nak ingat Allah.



sketsa bijaksana

Peringatan pada yang lupa...

Di sebuah kampung tinggal seorang lelaki tua yg
sudah bertahun-tahun kematian isteri. Dengan
arwah isterinya itu dulu dia dikurniakan tiga
anak lelaki.

Semuanya sudah remaja. Anak pertama bernama
Anis, kedua bernama Harben dan ketiga bernama
Amsal. Akan ketiga-tiga ini yang paling
disayangi ialah Harben. Sayangnya dengan Harben
langsung tidak diberinya keluar rumah. Si polan
ini sayang juga dengan Anis. Kadang-kadang
dibawanya juga keluar rumah, ke pekan, ke
penambang (jetty) dan ke sekitar kampung.
Almaklum anak yang ketiga iaitu Amsal kadang-
kadang langsung tak diendahnya..jadi merayau-
rayau lah si anak ini ke sekitar kampung dan
sampai ke pulau seberang. Kurus kering badannya
kerana jarang diberi

Hendak dijadikan cerita, suatu hari yang mendung
raja yang memerintah kampung itu dari pulau
seberang telah memanggil si polan ini pergi
mengadap. Susah hati lah si polan ini sebab
badannya sudah tua, terpaksa pulak mengayuh
selat nak ke pulau tersebut. Lagi pula musykil
hatinya. Apa yang dimahukan si Raja itu.

Maka dipanggilnya si Harben."Harben, tolong
hantar ayah ke pulau seberang..Tuanku Raja
memerintahkan ayah mengadap..boleh ya nak?" Apa
yang dijawab Harben? "Minta maaf lah ayah.
Masalahnya Harben tak pernah keluar rumah jadi
macamana Harben nak hantar ayah ke sana sebab
Harben tak tahu jalan. Kalau mahu, Harben hantar
sampai depan pintu saja lah, ye ayah?"
Mendengar jawapan si Harben sedihlah hati si
polan ini kerana anak yang disayanginya tidak
boleh diharap. "Baiklah kalau begitu" jawabnya

Dipanggilnya pula si Anis."Anis, tolong hantar
ayah ke pulau seberang..Tuanku Raja
memerintahkan ayah mengadap..boleh ya nak?" Apa
dijawab Anis? "Minta maaf lah ayah. Masalahnya
Anis tak pernah keluar dari kampung ni jadi
macamana Anis nak hantar ayah ke sana sebab Anis
tak tahu jalan. Kalau mahu, Anis hantar sampai
hujung kampung sajalah, ye ayah?"

Mendengar jawapan si Anis itu sedihlah hati si
polan ini kerana anak yang disayanginya ini pun
tidak boleh diharap juga."Baiklah kalau begitu"
jawabnya sedih. Dipanggilnya pula si Amsal. "Hei
Amsal,tolong hantar ayah ke pulau seberang..
Tuanku Raja memerintahkan ayah mengadap.." Lalu
Amsal menjawab, "Baiklah ayah" tanpa sebarang
alasan.Menyesallah dihatinya kerana
tidak menyayangi anaknya Amsal akan tetapi dia
sanggup melakukan apa saja untuk ayahnya.

Lalu pergilah si polan mengadap Raja. Harben
menghantar di pintu pagar rumah, Anis menghantar
sampai ke penambang dan si Amsal mengikut
ayahnya mengayuh kolek. Sedang mengayuh itu,
tidak semena-mena ribut melanda dan hujan lebat
pun turun.

Terkial-kiallah mereka mengayuh dan disebabkan
si polan yang dah tua dan si Amsal yang kurus
kering karamlah mereka berdua terkubur di lautan.

Sekian adanya.


Adapun anak-anak si polan ini ialah sebenarnya
kehidupan lelaki tua ini.

Harben ialah HARTA-BENDA,
Anis ialah ANAK-ISTERI, dan
Amsal ialah AMAL-SOLEH.

Lazimnya manusia sayang kepada Harben dan Anis
tapi tidak pada Amsal. Di mana bila manusia itu
mati iaitu pulang kerahmatullah (mengadap Raja)
yang dapat dibawanya hanyalah Amsal. Harben
tinggal dipintu pagar dan Anis tinggal di
penambang (di tepi kubur).Oleh itu dalam kita
mengejar cita-cita di dunia ni jangan lah lupa
dgn akhirat dan rukun Islam yang lima .

Sama-samalah kita mendapat kesenangan di dunia
dan di akhirat.



Khusus untuk renungan dan hisbah semua..Semoga Allah
meletakkan secebis hidayahNya ke dalam hati kita....

Sedarkah engkau sebelum datangnya sinar islam,
kita dizalimi, hak kita dicerobohi, kita di tanam
hidup-hidup, tiada penghormatan walau secebis
oleh kaum adam, tiada nilaian dimata adam, kita
hanya sebagai alat untuk memuaskan hawa nafsu mereka.

Tapi kini bila rahmat islam menyelubungi alam
bila sinar islam berkembang, darjat kita

diangkat ,maruah kita terpelihara, kita dihargai

dan di pandang mulia, dan mendapat tempat di

sisi Allah sehingga tiada sebaik-baik hiasan

didunia ini melainkan wanita solehah.

Wahai Hawa,
Kenapa engkau tak menghargai nikmat iman dan
islam itu? Kenapa mesti engkau kaku dalam

mentaati ajaranNya, kenapa masih segan

mengamalkan isi kandungannya dan kenapa masih

was-was dalam mematuhi perintahNya?

Wahai Hawa,
Tangan yang mengoncang buaian bisa mengoncang

dunia, sedarlah hawa kau bisa mengoncang dunia

dengan melahirkan manusia yang hebat yakni yang

soleh solehah, kau bisa mengegar dunia dengan

menjadi isteri yang taat serta memberi dorongan

dan sokongan pada suami yang sejati dalam

menegakkan islam di mata dunia.

Tapi hawa jangan
sesekali kau cuba mengoncang keimanan lelaki
dengan lembut tuturmu, dengan ayu wajahmu,
dengan lengguk tubuhmu. Jangan kau
hentak kakimu untuk menyatakan kehadiranmu.

Jangan Hawa , jangan sesekali cuba menarik

perhatian kaum adam yang bukan suamimu. Jangan

sesekali mengoda lelaki yang bukan suamimu,

kerna aku khuatir ia mengundang kemurkaan dan

kebencian Allah.
Tetapi memberi kegembiraan pada syaitan kerana
wanita adalah jala syaitan, alat yang di

eksploitasikan oleh syaitan dalam menyesatkan


Andai engkau masih remaja,
jadilah anak yang solehah

buat kedua ibubapamu, andai engkau sudah

bersuami jadilah isteri yang meringankan beban

suamimu, andai engkau seorang ibu didiklah

anakmu sehingga ia tak gentar memperjuangkan

ad-din Allah.

Andai engkau belum berkahwin, jangan kau risau

akan jodohmu, ingatlah hawa janji tuhan kita ,

wanita yang baik adalah untuk lelaki yang baik.
Jangan mengadaikan maruahmu hanya semata-mata
kerana seorang lelaki, jangan memakai pakaian
yang menampakkan susuk tubuhmu hanya untuk
menarik perhatian dan memikat kaum lelaki,

kerana kau bukan memancing hatinya tapi

merangsang nafsunya. Jangan memulakan pertemuan

dengan lelaki yang bukan muhrim kerana aku

khuatir dari mata turun ke hati, dari senyuman

membawa ke salam, dari salam cenderung kepada

pertemuan dan dari pertemuan…..takut lahirnya

nafsu kejahatan yang menguasai diri.

Lelaki yang baik tidak melihat paras rupa,

lelaki yang soleh tidak memilih wanita melalui

keseksiannya ,lelaki yang warak tidak menilai
wanita melalui keayuaannya, kemanjaannya ,serta

kemampuannya mengoncang iman mereka. Tetapi

hawa, lelaki yang baik akan menilai wanita

melalui akhlaknya, peribadinya, dan ad-dinnya.

Lelaki yang baik tidak menginginkan sebuah

pertemuan dengan wanita yang bukan muhrimnya

kerana dia takut menberi kesempatan pada syaitan
untuk mengodanya. Lelaki yang warak juga tak

mahu bermain cinta sebabnya dia tahu apa

matlamat dalam sebuah hubungan antara lelaki dan
wanita yakni perkahwinan.

Oleh itu Hawa,
Jagalah pandanganmu ,jagalah pakaianmu, jagalah

akhlakmu, kuatkan pendirianmu. Andai kata

ditakdirkan tiada cinta dari Adam untukmu,

cukuplah hanya cinta Allah menyinari dan

memenuhi jiwamu, biarlah hanya cinta kedua

ibubapamu yang memberi hangatan kebahagiaan

buat dirimu, cukuplah sekadar cinta adik beradik
serta keluarga yang akan membahagiakan

Cintailah Allah dikala susah dan senang kerana

kau akan memperolehi cinta dari insan yang juga
menyintai Allah. Cintailah kedua ibubapamu

kerana kau akan perolehi keredhaan Allah.

Cintailah keluargamu kerana tiada cinta selain

cinta keluarga.

Hawa, Ingatanku yang terakhir, biarlah tangan yang
mengoncang buaian ini bisa mengoncang dunia dalam
mencapai keredhaan Illahi. Jangan sesekali tangan ini
juga yang mengoncang keimanan kaum Adam, kerana aku
sukar menerimanya …dan benci mendengarnya…

A poem

I knelt to pray but not for long,
I had too much to do.
I had to hurry and get to work
For bills would soon be due.
So I knelt and said a hurried prayer,
And jumped up off my knees.
My Muslim duty was now done
My soul could rest at ease.
All day long I had no time
To spread a word of cheer.
No time to speak of Allah to friends,
They'd laugh at me I'd fear.
No time, no time, too much to do,
That was my constant cry,
No time to give to souls in need
But at last the time, the time to die.
I went before the Lord,
I came, I stood with downcast eyes.
For in his hands God held a book;
It was the book of life.
God looked into his book and said
Your name I cannot find.
I once was going to write it down...
But never found the time"

A reminder from a brother

Recently, the Malaysian Society here in cardiff held a Malaysian Night and it was called Festival of Diversity and as usual it is filled with....performances...which in whatever ways..doesn't bring any benefit to anybody...other than enjoyment...and a good laugh. The article I have here is an article forwarded by somebody here in cardiff...stating his view on the whole thing and I find it very interesting and beneficial too...



In recent month, I travelled to the island of Cyprus, known as Kubrus in Arabic, the burial place of Umm Haram, the Prophet s.a.w. maternal aunt. For 300 hundred years it was a united island under the rule of the Ottoman Caliphate but it is now divided between the Turkish North and the Greek South following a disastrous fighting along the religious and racial lines in the 1960s.

As a Malaysian, I enjoyed the liberty to move freely between the two sides and had taken the opportunity to visit the dwelling of a certain syeikh in Lefke, North Cyprus. Though I had known him for several years through his many followers, this is going to be my first eye-to-eye contact with the Grand Syeikh himself. The plan to pay him a visit at his own retreat had been in place as early as 2001 but was put off because of the advice to 'prepare' myself first. It was only after my journey to Syria in the summer of 2003, having visited the tomb of the late Syeikh Abdullah Faiz ad-Daghestani (the teacher of the Grand Syeikh) and the retreat in the cave on Jabal Qasyoun, that the necessary green-light was finally given.

From the world's last divided capital (Berlin was united under the Unification Treaty in 1990), Lefkosa, I took the local bus to Lefke. The trip was only under two hours and as the bus trundled through the Mesaria plain towards the western slope of the Troodos mountain range, I passed through small vilages with intriguing names like Mevlevi. Many still have the village churches standing, though now functioning as mosques, as the stark reminder of their past, eventful history.

Lefke is situated in the most fertile area of Cyprus, once regarded as the world's major citrus basket, and until today many visitors to this area will be impressed by the many groves they see along the road. There is now a small, low-profile international university in Lefke, though the intake usually comes from Turkey proper or the former Soviet bloc countries. The small European community in Lefke is drawn here due to its somewhat secluded yet beautiful location, and to the fame of the Grand Syeikh who have students coming from all over the world: US, UK, Malaysia, you name it.

Following the direction given by some locals, I soon found myself on a village path with tall grasses on both sides. An old man with the unmistakable green turban of the Grand Syeikh's Order was walking in front of me, carrying a walking stick as is the sunnah and humming some zikr. Then a family with two children, adorned with all the traditional Turkish regalia and the order's green turban, walked past us, the children's faces beaming with lights so bright even though it was mid-summer's noon. With faces that sweet that I could have eaten them alive!

After a bend, the Grand Syeikh's retreat suddenly was there in front of me. It was so humble and simple, nothing to signal to the owner's fame that has attracted streams of followers and religious students here. Certainly this is not like the glorious palaces of certain rulers or the impressive mansions of certain men of stardom. I experienced some sort of deja vu for a while for indeed I have seen a dwelling like this before of my late teacher in Malaysia, and earlier this year (2003), at the retreat of Syeikh Umar al-Mathnawi in the Chellah necropolis of Rabat in Morocco. If people can be downgraded to be classified to genus and species, then this Grand Syeikh is indeed of the same species of all the syuyukh I have met before.

The Grand Syeikh was a chemical engineer graduate from the Istanbul University, but his family had always been religious and has a lineage tracing back to the Grand Master Maulana Jalaludin ar-Rumi of Konya. He had completed his primary Islamic studies from scholars among his own families and then went to study at the foot of the Erzurumi master, Syeikh Sulaiman Erzurumi. Following the order from Syeikh Sulaiman, he then travelled down to Syria where he was instructed by Syeikh Abdullah Faiz ad-Daghestani for several years, involving months of intense spiritual training at Jabal Qasyoun and preaching the people of ash-Shams and Kubrus, travelling all this while on foot, (subhanallah!).

As I entered the building, I heard that he was teaching in English, so I knew that he was having some international audiences. That was a double bonus for me, because I came half-expected to have the honour of meeting the man let alone to drink some from this great fountain of knowledge. All Praises be to Allah alone.

The Grand Syeikh was sitting inside the mihrab with his foot stretched on the floor, and there was no way that he could have seen me coming in. But he said something which would later on astonished everyone. Not wanting to disrupt the majlis, I quietly pushed the door to the prayer hall opened, but it gave a small squeaky sound. At that point the Grand Syeikh suddenly stopped speaking and said 'Yes, ******* (my name!)' It could have been a coincidence or something, but thinking of that just make me wonder in amazement - how could he have known my name?.

As I sat down, trying to compose myself, he suddenly said, (the content of which I have shortened and edited for the sake of space and clarity), 'And know I want to say something about technology. We see know that everyone now in the world craves this technology. But technology is also Allah's creature, so why do we cling so much to His creature and neglect our hope to Him alone?...In medicine, now we have this technology where we can put materials, steels, into human heart. (I think he was referring to the valve replacement, pacemaker operation, coronary stenting and angioplasty etc here). (I am not against technology per se)

But Islam told us not to tied our heart to the worldly materials..., but reflect upon this technology....The materials is not anymore spiritually inside the heart, but now it is physically inside the heart!

...So everything has a time limit. Since there is a time limit, why are we fighting for this dunya that is going to die also. Why are human beings, for what cause? Everything is ending... So what are you running after? Running after “ad-dunya al-jeefatun,” “the corpse of this dunya.” “Ad-dunya raasu kullu khatiyya.” – “this world is the head of every sin.” Dunya is a dry corpse. Like dogs biting on a dead corpse and eating or like cats. We must learn from the ibrah (example) the Prophet (s) showed us. “In kuntum tuhibbun Allaha, fa-tabi`uni yuhbibkumullah.” – “If you would love Allah, then follow me and Allah will love you.” [3:31]

Allah says, “Follow me.” It means follow the Prophet (s). Then Allah loves you.
What did Allah ask the Prophet (s) in Isra and Mi`raj? He asked, “Ya Ahmad, Ya Muhammad, if you love to be the best (or most pious) of human beings,” - “in ahbabta an yakun awr`a an-naas fazhad fid-dunya warghab fil akhirah” That word is directed to the Prophet (s), so what about us? He said, “fazhad fid-dunya” - "leave the dunya behind you.” "Warghab fil akhira.” – “And seek the next life.” The hadith continues, “Fa qaala Muhammad ‘Ya ilahee, wa kayfa azhad fid-dunya?’ Fa qaala ‘fakhudh min ad-dunya bi-qadri ash-sharaab wat-t`am wal-libaas.’”

Allah swt said to the Prophet (s), “Take from dunya only your necessity of eating, drinking and clothes.” “Wa la tatakhidh li-ghadin.” “And don’t keep anything in your home for tomorrow.” That means that, “If you keep for tomorrow you are not fearing Allah correctly.” “Wa duma ala dhikree.” “And keep on My zikr. - Keep remembering Me.”
“Faqala ya rabbu kayfa adumu `ala dhikrika. Faqala –bi khalwati `an in-naas.”"

For me, this sudden change of direction in his speech that day was striking in that he seemed to actually address the content towards me, with all that references to the medical technology stuff.

And then almost to then end, the Grand Syeikh joked, 'So why do you have to take the plane to come here? Fly if you can; there have been people who can fly without aeroplane. (Do what they do) So you can fly too." (I am certain he was referring to certain people who had been given the karamah to fly bi-iznillah).

I was not rushing to get to the Grand Syeikh as he was leaving the prayer place. My past experience taught me that there is no point pushing people around. Allah has promises that 'Allah is with those who shows patience', so I waited patiently near the door and alhamdulillah, without having to push anyone, I managed not only to shake hands but also to hug him and kiss his forehead. There was a split second when I thought that I should have kiss his feet too, that feet that have carry him to meet so many great people, but I was a bit shy to do that, something now I regret not doing.

The Grand Syeikh then tried to guess from which area of Malaysia I came from, 'Is it Kuala Lumpur or Kuala Kangsar?' It was of no big surprise to me because one of his students is the son of the Sultan of Perak. But still, he could have said Ipoh instead of KK, .

The time spent at this great man's place was very memorable. I met his students, the Italians, the Dutchs, the Pakistanis, the Chechen, the Turks (of course!), and most surprisingly one of Indonesian origin! The Grand Syeikh himself gave me 'something' as present and also a book about Love, and the followers eagerly showered their hospitality with their newly-found Malaysian brother. Then it was made known to me that I was not the first Malaysian to reach here. Somebody else made it before and had left some Malaysian gold dinars as souvenirs. How I wished I had fully prepared and brought something too!

The atmosphere at the humble settlement that December was indeed like an impromptu festival of diversity. People of different races, of different Spiritual Orders, of different lingo and of different professions, all came together to reflect upon their goal of creation, to quench their thirst from the well of istighfar, and to gain benefit from the company and love of the salihin as the Prophet s.a.w. always reminded us, "Wa mahabbatik li Ahlis-Sunnah" ( (Turn) your love to loving the People of Sunnah).

There was no dancing to the insane musical tones, but there was body movements following the rhythm of zikr and the shuddering thought of one's past sins. There was no forbidden mixing of different sexes but contentment of hearts that this is a festival of submission to Allah's Words. There was no intoxication except intoxication in His Words and the acute awareness of His Presence, the Omnipresence Lord. There was not a thought of indulging oneself in worldly pursuits bereft of God's blessing, but rather a healthy aspiration to the acceptance of 'amal by the only Rabb.

The festival of diversity ultimately is only a name that can be used to suit the hearts of tongue twister or master of words. The content is what really matters, and what governs the content is the intellectual direction and philosophical thought behind such event, as the Arabic proverb aptly puts it:

Al-jahilu yatlubu l-mala, wa-l 'aqilu yatlubu l-kamala.

[As the ignorant seeks filthy wealth, the enlightened seeks perfection of faith.]


And all guidance comes from Allah,

Your poor brother in Islam.